WoodGas Camp Stove XL


This is one of my most impressive, yet under utilised gadgets, however, that is about to change.

This little puppy has impressed me no end as far as speed of use, heat output, fuel types and efficiency of fuel consumption.  It is constructed in an impressive way with good clean lines.


This stove uses a technology generically called “gasification” and in layman’s terms it burns the fuel twice.  Firstly, in the usual combustion and secondly the gas products (including smoke) are burned again to use the entire calorific value of the fuel.

I saw a smaller version of this device about a year ago and purchased one almost immediately and it has stayed on the shelf, unused, until just recently.

I was simply amazed at the simplicity and the heat that this stove generated.  On the high fan setting it will generate 12,000 BTU/per hour (about an equivalent to 3.6 KW).  The fan is powered by a couple of AA batteries and should last 8 hours (alkaline batteries).

The first burn on this was with about a full hand full of wood chip from our mulch pile.  I removed much of the dusty material and added a couple a 2cm square fire lighters into the mix.  Upon lighting and the smaller items starting to catch, I set the fan to low and as it built up and some indication of gas from the top vents showed, the fan was switched to high.

WOW!!  The heat was outstanding.  It is enough to burn food if not careful.

The ash left was minimal showing the quality of the burning and the base of the pot was not very sooty at all.

Burn time depends on the fuel.  If you used a pack of wood pellets, they would burn for an hour and twigs and the wood chips about 20 minutes.  Either way it is easy to add fuel and then continue cooking.

The second burn was with wood pellets (kitty litter) and it burned for much longer than the wood chip. The ash residue was similar.

This is an ideal cooker for almost any situation including for disaster or long power loss periods.  The XL is a little too large for hiking but LE (Light Edition) would work well.

I am going to be away camping this weekend, so I will get some video and make some comparative observations.



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